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  Japanese Inspired & Woodland Gardens Since 1980


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Our greatest satisfaction is with a client who wants to participate in the design, and sometimes even the construction of their new garden! For Japanese style gardens in particular, it is our mission to teach about Japanese gardening and how it can effect our lives and society. So if you are hungry to learn about Japanese gardening or other similar styles of gardens, you are our perfect client.

Here are some of the things we do:

GARDEN DESIGN: Although Woodland Company specializes in Japanese and Woodland style gardens – combining the outdoor environment with the indoor space, our abilities include all kinds of gardens, from formal designs to herb gardens to aquatic gardens. We have designed and installed over 3000 plantings and displays.

GARDEN CREATION: Ah, the fun part! Creativity doesn’t end with the design phase; ideas and innovations occur during construction and with collaboration with everyone involved. This is another reason we love it when the owner becomes part of the process. Depending on the project, we may create your garden ourselves or we may use one of our landscape companies that ‘get it’ and understand quality and sustainability. We have also designed gardens and provided oversite for the owner’s chosen landscaper.

GARDEN RENOVATION/RENEWAL: Nothing stays the same, and this is especially true of living and growing things – trees, shrubs, and even families! Sometimes an existing garden needs a little redesign, structure modification or repurposing to better suit your lifestyle or current conditions. There may just be a hidden jewel waiting to be uncovered.

ARBORICULTURE: We have staff with Tree Risk Assessment Qualification and International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist ready to help you with your tree needs and questions. (ISA Certification TX-174905)

NATURAL TRAILS & PATHWAYS: The Woodland Company provides natural trail layout and design services as well as renovation of existing woodland and nature trails.